Tonale – Alfa Romeo’s Herald of Metamorphosis

Tonale – Alfa Romeo’s Herald of Metamorphosis

The Tonale (toe-nah-lay) Pass is an enthralling mountain road in Northern Italy’s Rhaetian Alps. Alfa Romeo’s latest and greatest creation, the Tonale CUV, draws from its namesake and signals exciting and captivating roads ahead for enthusiasts, the great automotive landscape, and current and prospective Alfa Romeo owners.

For Alfa Romeo, the concept of Essential Beauty sees the seamless intimate harmony of beauty and functionality coming together. This too is the very foundation of the Tonale. Every angle of the Tonale’s sculpted exterior harkens to the storied history of Alfa Romeo’s GT cars. The characteristic ‘GT line’ runs the full perimeter of the car, dividing the greenhouse from the lower portion of the Tonale, and available ‘telephone dialer’ wheels continue their evolution and add a sense of lightness and sporting intent. The interior takes inspiration from Alfa Romeo’s fabled racing vehicles. Instruments and functionality are strongly focused on the driver for ease of use and interaction. All the while, passenger space is lovingly tailored to ensure a comfortable and luxurious space for their travels.


Tonale is a fully connected car, equipped with the most contemporary and advanced technologies to ensure a pleasant and involved driving experience. Two configurable full TFT displays are on hand with best-in-class combined screen surface area (22.55 inches). Over-the-air updates are available for the first time in an Alfa Romeo and will offer new content for owners over the lifespan of their Tonale ownership. Amazon Alexa is available as a voice-activated assistant and, in combination with Alfa Connect services, can deliver packages to your Tonale in-place of your home or another physical address. In a world-first exclusive, the Tonale debuts with non-fungible token (NFT) technology – upon an owner’s consent, an NFT records the vehicle’s data and generates a one-of-a-kind certificate to guarantee the vehicle’s status and authenticity, useful both for collectability and on the second-hand market. Tonale is also equipped with new Alfa Romeo Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and is capable of Level 2 autonomous driving – the Tonale is capable of handling acceleration, braking, and remaining within marked lanes while maintain maximum driving safety.

Perhaps most significant, the Tonale is Alfa Romeo’s first foray into electrification. Available with two levels of electrification, Hybrid, and Plug-in Hybrid, Alfa Romeo has ensured that sportiness and dynamic excellence has and will remain in the integral driving experience. An all-new 1.5-liter turbocharged inline-four engine producing 160 bhp makes its debut with the Tonale. Power is sent to the wheels through the 7-speed Alfa Romeo TCT dual-clutch transmission, said transmission also features a 48-volt 15-kW ‘P2’ electric motor. With this, the Tonale can startup and travel in electric-only mode at low speeds when parking, cruising, or driving in stop-and-go traffic. The range-topping 275 bhp Plug-in Hybrid Q4 variant comes with all-wheel drive and the best-in-class electric driving range of 80 km (city cycle). This power figure is achieved with 180 bhp generated by the engine sent to the front wheels, and a 90 kW electric motor powering the rear wheels.


The Tonale will be available with a five-year comprehensive warranty, and a 150,000 km warranty on the battery system for a full peace of mind ownership experience. Orders open soon, contact us today to learn more.


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