Passion crafted through team-work: Alfa Romeo’s Pomigliano Plant

Passion crafted through team-work: Alfa Romeo’s Pomigliano Plant

Alfa Romeo invites you to rediscover our roots with an inside and behind-the-scenes look at the Pomigliano Plant in Italy. Originally designed and constructed in 1968, passion has been built within the walls of the plant for over fifty years, bringing you the trusted and adored luxury vehicles we are famous for. Staff members at Stellantis Pomigliano welcomed videographers in to showcase the quality and careful detail that are taken within the design and manufacturing process. In the video, many faces behind the magic describe what the Alfa Romeo name means to them, their dedication to quality and safety, and how they work together to make it all come true.


First, we are introduced to the metrological room within the Quality section, also known as the ‘zero tolerance room’. Here, every piece is evaluated to determine if it conforms to the project or not. In this area, engineers and operators test together every single component of the new Tonale Hybrid.


“The room is often called a zero-tolerance room because any detail is ready for production only when we give the final ok to it, without tolerance,” explains Alfonso Giaquinto, Component Quality Manager at Stellantis Pomigliano.

Safety is never compromised during the production of these vehicles, with strict guidelines and testing to ensure every piece is up to quality standards.


According to Sandrine Gredelu, Pomigliano Quality Centre Manager, there are three fundamental rules when it comes to manufacturing these luxury automobiles.


“The first: to not receive issues, it means we work with the suppliers to receive good parts,” she explains. “Second, not to produce issues, it means we build the quality at the workstation with training, with good machines, good method and so on. And the last one is that we don’t pass issues, we have to protect the customer.”


Passion is created through team-work, and this is apparent in the working environment and relationships built between staff at the plant.


“Everyone’s goal here is to produce a vehicle that will be to our satisfaction, and, as a result, our clients,” Alfonso explains, “There is a team in particular made of people that work with us. They are designers, suppliers, quality specialists, technologists of bodywork, assembly and plastics technologists.”

At Pomigliano, the main goal is to be customer-centric.


“The Alfista is a special client,” Alfonso explains, “We want him to feel the same sensation that we experience when we develop the model, here at the plant.”


You can get an inside look into Stellates Pomigliano yourself by watching their video below.


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